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Come and discover a bit of magic! This tour combines the best of what Otres 2 has to offer, with a boat trip, stand up paddleboarding around an island, snorkeling with a rainbow of coral and fishes, enjoying a sunset on the water, and then swimming with the incredible glowing plankton.

Guaranteed to be a night to remember!   


- Opportunity to snorkel, getting a glimpse of the beautiful world under the surface

- Guided Stand up paddleboarding tour around an island, taking in views of the colorful horizon

- Soaking up a peaceful sunset on the paddleboards

- Appetizer picnic on the boat while the sky darkens

- Swim in the sea glowing with the magical bioluminescent plankton

Free Bonus: We will take photos throughout the tour and then send them to you as souvenirs of your experience.

Additional Information:

We provide brand new integral face masks to ensure an enjoyable snorkeling experience. 

We are bilingual in French and English, and will happily provide tours in both languages.


Our tours all take place on a private boat, with a maximum of 8 participants and friendly, helpful guides

Stand-up paddleboarding is easy to learn, and is therefore a great activity for all age and experience levels. Instruction is always provided and all tours are accompanied by experienced guides.

If you are new to Stand Up Paddleboarding, feel free to come and visit us in advance of your tour! We will provide a lesson and paddleboard rental at half price (only $5 per hour) for registered tour participants, so that you can get some paddling practice before your tour. 

A great family activity! 
- Young children who are not ready to paddle alone may choose to sit on the paddleboard of either one of their family members or one of the guides.

Price: Adult $30; Kids $15 (on board with guide)

Duration: 3 hours (4:45 to 7:45 PM)

Things to bring

Please bring:

Swimwear, towel


We will provide:

Drinking water

Beer/soft drinks

An appetizer

Dry bags and waterproof phone cases to safely store your belongings

Brand new full face mask snorkeling gear

Top-quality SUP equipment


We will also take photos of you during the tour, and send them to you afterwards! :)


We will meet at 4:45 PM, location below

15 minute boat ride to island

Snorkeling / SUP Lessons / Sunset Paddling / Boat Picnic / Plankton Swim

Return trip to Otres Beach 2, arriving at 7:45 PM

Video of our SUP Island Tour

Green Commitment

The SUP Otres Beach team is committed to fight against plastic pollution in Otres.

To this end, all of our activities are guaranteed Zero Waste! Every piece of disposable plastic, from single use plastic bottles to straws and food containers, has been replaced by a reusable alternative.


We will start and finish at SUP Otres Beach Headquarters on Otres Beach 2, in front of Naia Resort.

5 minutes drive from Otres Village and Otres 1;

25 minutes from Serependity Beach, Sihanoukville


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Had a great time with Lisa and Jeremy on their tour. Unlike most touristic boat tours our group was only 7 people with two guides. The couple speak fluent french and english. 

After snorkeling we did a stand up paddle board tour around the island just in time for sunset. Their boards are new and well cared for. Both guides were very helpful to less experienced paddle boarders. 

Once the sun set we and after a quick snack and beer we were back into the dark water to see the glowing plankton. It was like swimming with underwater fireflies! 

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Jeremy and Lisa are both great guides to follow around this cost.
Paddling is a great way to explore the sea, get close to the islands, snorkeling when ever you want. Paddling require no effort, no particular skills, and also gives you the opportunity to have a nice little mobile terrace, where you can enjoy sunset from wherever you want. And you can't imagine all the stuff you can bring on it!

Being alone on the paddle, at night, just sourrounded by silence and glowy plancton was unforgettable.
Experience recommanded 100%!

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